How it Works

Inspiring Local Youth to Challenge the Unthinkable - Everywhere!


Who is eligible?

Eligibility depends on which lab location you plan to attend.

If you live in the Oak Park Area, are enrolled in a Sacramento high school and are in 10th-12th grade you are eligible to become a Hope Tech Inventor at American Legion.

If you live in Del Paso Height area, please contact us at


When Are the Hope Tech Innovation Labs?

@American Legion High School

@Grace City Center

@Oak Ridge Elementry

@Health Professions High School

@Bret Harte Elementry

@SAVA High School


What do the hope tech inventors do?

Hope Tech Inventors will develop a gaming application for smartphones using a program called Stencyl.

Each Hope Tech Inventor will be placed on a team to solve the Innovation Challenge problem. The problem is focused on a specific type of gaming application. Hope Tech Inventors will be required to develop a story line, characters, user interface, user experience, manage, and present their project.

Hope Tech Inventors will be taught the skills they will need in order to solve the problem.


How Long Does the Hope Tech Innovation Challenge Run?

Each Innovation Challenge runs a total of 12 weeks.